Check out Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team HD

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Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team HD

機動戦士ガンダム 第08MS小隊, Kidou Senshi Gundam: Dai 08 MS Shoutai



U.C. 0079. As the war between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation continues, the Federation begins production of its own mobile suits. These machines are sent to the frontlines in strategic regions like Southeast Asia, where theKojima Battalion struggles against the Zeon invaders.

The young officer Shiro Amada has been assigned to lead the Kojima Battalion's 08th MS Team. But on his way to Earth, Shiro encounters an enemy test pilot, and his growing feelings for this mysterious woman will force him to choose between love and duty...

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Check out Strike Witches 2

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Strike Witches 2




After discovering that Neuroi are capable of communication with humans and making peace with the nest above Gallia, the Witches squads are now on a mission to re-establish communication when the Neuroi completely vanish after a sudden attack. It is then that they discover a new massive nest that just appeared covering almost all of Europe. Ruthless and without mercy it annihilates allied forces along with many Witches. Word of the attack reaches Fuso and a support battalion is deployed to rescue the survivors. Among the rescue team is the former Striker captain Sakamoto Mio and the now civilian Miyafuji Yoshika who wants to save her dear friends.

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Check out Maria the Virgin Witch

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Maria the Virgin Witch

純潔のマリア, Junketsu no Maria



The story follows Maria, the most powerful witch who lives during the Hundred Years' War in France. She despises war, so she obstructs battles with her strong magical powers. Her meddling with her succubus Artemis and incubus Priapos has caught the attention of the heavens, and so the Archangel Michael issues an edict: when Maria loses her virginity, she will also lose her magical powers. A beautiful angel named Ezekiel is supposed to watch Maria and make sure the witch does not use magic in front of people, but Maria continues to use magic anyways.

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Check out Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation

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Soni-Ani: Super Sonico the Animation




When Sonico wakes up every morning she sees big things on the horizon, but when she gets up gravity takes hold and she can focus on what is directly ahead of her for the day. And that is a good thing, because Sonico is more than just an attractive girl with a really huge set of... er... headphones. She is also an incredibly busy young woman who somehow juggles modelling and working at her grandmother's bar while attending college and performing lead vocals and playing the guitar in the all-girl band Fastest Speed in Space. How she manages to squeeze it all in is as big a mystery as how she manages to squeeze into some of her outfits or paint her toenails without falling over, but somehow she always stays balanced and abreast of the situation. Well, most of the time, anyway, and when her workload does get a little top heavy, she can count on her fellow musicians Suzu and Fuuri for a little stabilizing influence.

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