14: Amicitiae Nostrae Memoriam Spero Sempiternam Fore (i Hope The Memory Of Our Friendship Will Be Eternal)

Filename: [a-s]_negima!_-_14_-_amicitiae_nostrae_memoriam_spero_sempiternam_fore_(i_hope_the_memory_of_our_friendship_will_be_eternal)__pball_[1080p_bd-rip][1D0D58E3].mkv
Format: MatroskaFile Size: 385.61 Mb
Duration: 00:24:57.496Chapters: no
Video Format: AVCReolution: 1440x1080
Aspect-Ratio: 4:3Framerate: 23.976fps
Number of Frames: 35904Release Date: Unreleased
Audio Stream 1
Format: AACChannels: 2
Language: engSample Rate: 48000 / 24000
Audio Stream 2
Format: AACChannels: 2
Language: jpnSample Rate: 48000 / 24000
Subtitle Stream 1
Format: PGSLanguage: eng
Subtitle Stream 2
Format: PGSLanguage: eng
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