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Scrapped Princess




Usually, the birth of heirs would be a joy to any kingdom. But at the time of the birth of the royal twins, it was prophesied that if the girl child reaches her 16th birthday, she would be the cause of the destruction of the world. Out of fear of the prophecy, it was decided that she should not be allowed to live and the little child was cast off the highest cliff to a certain death.

Pacifica, the child of whom the prophecy spoke, is now 15 years old and travelling with her adoptive brother Shannon and sister Raquel who are dedicated to protect her. Chased by various forces dedicated to see that the sentence of death is carried out, Pacifica is compelled to hide her identity and to rely on the strength of her brother's sword and the mastery of her sister's sorcery to stay alive.

With an army of warriors, sorcerers, and the might of the church all dedicated to her death, will the assistance of brother and sister be enough, or will Pacifica have to call forth the power to save herself and fulfil her destiny as it was told in the prophecy?

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Flying Witch




Kowata Makoto, a 15-year-old witch from Yokohama, moves to Aomori, in the verdant north of Japan, to live with her relatives, Kuramoto Kei and Chinatsu, as part of her training. As she gets used to her new surroundings with her black cat Chito, her relatives and the new friends she makes are introduced to the customs and peculiarities of witchcraft.

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K: Return of Kings




Tensions are running high among the clans as the Green King begins making moves that threaten to drive the world into pandemonium. Following the death of the Gold King, the safety of the Dresden Slate, the source of power of the Kings, is under threat. Nagare Hisui, the sly and mysterious leader of the Green Clan Jungle, is determined to procure the powerful Slate by any means possible.

Standing directly in his way is Sceptre 4, the Blue Clan, headed by their unyielding King, Reisi Munakata. However, the grim sight of his crumbling Sword of Damocles leaves the stability of his clan and all of Japan in jeopardy. Meanwhile, still recovering from their tragic losses, Anna Kushina and her aggressive clan HOMRA find themselves caught up in the Green King’s games. Amidst the chaos, Kurou Yatogami and Neko are left vulnerable while their beloved friend, Yashiro Isana, the Silver King, remains missing.

Check out Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

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Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

紅殻のパンドラ GHOST URN



When Nanakorobi Nene, a cybernetically enhanced girl-next-door, heads to the island metropolis of Cenancle to live with her aunt, she has no way of knowing what is in store for her. A chance meeting intertwines her fate with that of the super-rich inventor, Uzal Delilah, and her adorable and grumpy companion, Clarion, who happens to be a cyborg just like Nene. Nene is thrilled to make a friend, but there is more to Uzal and Clarion — and the island of Cenancle itself — than meets the eye. When a super-powered terrorist threatens Cenancle, Uzal claims that the only way to avert disaster is for Nene to team up with Clarion and use their combined powers — abilities Nene never even knew she had.