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Aria the Origination




Aqua and Aria take place in the twenty-fourth century, on the planet Aqua (formerly Mars), which has been terraformed into a habitable planet covered in oceans and seas.

The series is the story of Akari, an apprentice gondolier with Aria Company, one of the three most popular gondola companies in the city. She is training to become a full-time gondolier, or undine, as they are called in Neo-Venezia. 

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Date a Live II

デート・ア・ライブ II



Thirty years ago, the Eurasian continent was hit by a massive Spacequake due to Spirit activity, causing 150 million deaths. And now...

Itsuka Shidou is living under one roof with two non-human Spirits — Yatogami Tooka and Yoshino — since dating them is the best way to avoid mass destruction occurring on Earth. And Shidou happens to be the only person able to seal the unfathomable powers of Spirits away. Alas this only works well as long as Tooka and Yoshino do not become emotionally unstable, and the daily drama among humans can become quite distressing...

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Set on the island of Enoshima, Shounan; a town where old and new goes hand in hand.

A high school boy, who never had any friends due to his abnormally bad communication skills: Yuki.
A self-proclaimed alien, who tries to make Yuki go fishing with him: Haru.
A born and raised Enoshima boy, who is easily irritated: Natsuki.
A mysterious Indian, who keeps watching them from a reasonable distance: Akira.

These four seem to be wasting their youth, but continue to meet and go fishing on this little island where great things are about to happen... and so begins the unlikely SF (shounen fishing) adventure!

Check out Heaven`s Lost Property: Forte

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Heaven`s Lost Property: Forte

そらのおとしものf[フォルテ], Sora no Otoshimono Forte



Sakurai Tomoki's peaceful life is long gone, since he now has to deal with the two beautiful AngeloidsIkaros and Nymph, his busty tsundere childhood friend Mitsuki Sohara, along with all the other quirky friends from school.

Recently, Tomoki is plagued by a recurring dream, of an angel warning him of "heavens rage". Then one day a new angel, Astraea, as powerful as Ikaros, arrives on Earth with the sole purpose of terminating Tomoki's life. Apparently Tomoki's dreams have created a connection between Earth and the Synapse (where the Angeloids originated), something the masters of that other realm do not view kindly. Luckily, Astraea does not seem to be a very competent assassin.

Will Tomoki and the New World Discovery Club uncover the secrets of the Synapse and the Angeloids?