File Server Tutorial

This is part two of the downloading tutorial, and in this part you will learn how to do download files from a fileserver aka fserve. First thing you need to know is what's a fserve. Well, a fserve is a shared directory that other users in the channel create. users who do so will get a voice, so when you see in the nick list users with +'s in front of their name they probably have an active fserve. For example, the following are all user who have a fserve.

In order to download a file you want from a fserve you will need to find a fserve that has this file you are looking for. To do that you will need to use @find. This is an example for the use of @find:

You can see that some fservers noticed "Sorry, no files found", just ignore them. The results are inside the private messages that you get (although sometimes they will be noticed to you). These are the @find results I got from one of the fservers:

It would be wise to search for the episode number you want, so you won't get the "Too Many  Results to Display." message as I got. Once you made sure the results match your @find query (or if you want to take a look at all of the files in the fserve), you enter the fserve trigger:

  (In this case the trigger is: "/ctcp drathor Dual Audio")

Once you have entered the trigger a new window will open that will look like this:

In this fserve all the episodes are organized in directories. After you locate the directory you want, just double click it and it will open [to do this without the remote window you will need to first type DIR (this will list all the directories and files) and then use CD _NAME_ (this will change the directory to the one you specify)]. After changing the directory you will see a list of files:

Double click the file you want and it will add you to the queue pool (if it isn't full already) [to do this without the remote window you will need to type DIR and then GET _FILENAME_ (this will queue the file)]. All that is left is to wait until your download starts.

Another way to download is with !list. Typing !list as in the next example, will show you all the triggers of all the fservers currently on the channel (most fservers will have a description of the stuff on them).

If you already know what fserve you want to use then you can simply type !list _NICK_ and this will show you the trigger of the specific fserve.

You can check your queues at any time just by re-logging in to the fserve and choosing the "Queues / Sends" tab, and clear your queues by pressing on the "Clr_Queues" button.