mIRC Setup

  • First download our pre-edited Mirc (100% Spam Free)
  • Get it [here]
  • Just follow the installation steps, and one more thing
  • Install it in a shorter path like “C:\[a-S]-Mirc\” not in “C:\Program Files\[a-S]-Mirc”

We will only show the things you must change to get connected. All the other options are already properly installed/edited. Start our pre-edited version of mirc, then press the following key combination ALT+O and you will see the following screen...

Here you fill in your personal data such as shown above.

  • Full name: Your regular name.
  • Email Address: Your E-Mail address.
  • Nickname: Just fill your nickname that will be shown if you enter a channel.
  • Alternative: Just fill a second nickname if your previous nickname is occupied on IRC.

Then press Advanced and you will get this window.

Next you change your DCC Ports First to “5000” and Last to “5005” (Already Set-Up). Every port that's open means you can have that amount connections to other connections. Meaning (using this set-up) you can have 6 downloads going or connect to max 6 fservers at the same time. Why Limit Your Ports? Because you don’t need a big range of ports, Second if you have a firewall or Router you don’t have to open many ports. You may choose your own range of ports if you like.

Here you must click on “Edit” to select the folder where your download must go to. You will get the following screen.

Click on “Into this Folder” and select the download directory.


You may want to configure your virus scanner onto this directory,

So each time you receive a file it will be automatically scanned by your virus scanner.

Then press twice on OK.

Then press on the connect button. to get connected to IRC and the channel

These are the basic configurations of mIRC.