Downloading from XDCC

In the last tutorial we explained how the basics works so I won't tell it again if you don't understand something here read the other tutorials on the site. Or if it isn't explained here ask a (H)op in the channel for help.

Okay now the part we're all have been waiting for how to download. This part will be splitted up in to several parts.

  1. How to download from the channel XDCC-Bots.
  2. How to download from FServers (i will try to explain how 2 scripts work that are mostly used)

Now back to the of how to download from the XDCC-Bots and what are XDCC-Bots. XDCC-Bots are servers where you can download mostly fast from (depending on different things as location and users downloading at the same time). Most XDCC-Bots have only the newly released stuff on them and sometimes they become so called dedicated bots that share 1 series.

Back to our channel.

Our bots you can recornize because we try to give them the same naming layout and if you also use our Pre-Edited (configured) mIRC they will have also another colour so you can recognize them easily. All our bots start with: [a-S] followed by the botname so our New-Releases Bot will be [a-S]New-Releases. Here you see how it looks in the user list on the right.

To see what's on the bots you can do several things...

  1. Goto our forum [here](you need to be registred to the forum to view it).
  2. Type: /msg [a-S]botname !blist in the main-channel window to recieve the botpack listing of that bot.
  3. Double click on the bot and type in the pm window XDCC LIST (!!!NEVER TYPE THIS IN THE MAIN CHANNEL!!!).

Most bots we got don't allow you to view the listing by typing xdcc list in a PM to them, if to much people do that the bot will start to lag and we rather have the speed for sending. If you use method 2 you will recieve the botlisting of several bots that are online. You can view them best by opening them with WORDPAD. The botlistings are beeing updated almost everyday if not several times a day, so to make sure you got the latest always delete your old botlistings before getting the new-ones, because mIRC is setup to resume and not overwrite.

Let's take our [a-S]New-Releases bot as a example. After downloading you will get a list that looks a bit like this one.

  1. How many packs there're on the bot.
  2. How many send slots are still open 1 of 10 in this example if it has 0 of 10 you will be placed in queue.
  3. The current sending speed in KB/s.
  4. The record set on this bot in KB/s.
  5. What you need to type to get a file.
  6. The pack number.
  7. How often the file has been downloaded

So as shown in the list to download a file you need to type: "/msg [a-S]New-Releases xdcc send #x" where x stand for the pack number you want to download. So if you wanted to get "chobibits 12" you need to type in the main channel window:

/msg [a-S]New-Releases xdcc send #5

NOTE: bots come and go they aren't real persons they are just bots they have a mind on there own, if they aren't here they aren't here and no one knows when they will be.